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90 mm Letter Height - Timber Cut


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Standard National Park Letter Size  Bevelled edge on individual letter, 2 x 2 x 1 outdoor coating. This sign is QS regulation for outdoor forestry and National Parks and State Reserves. Building a wood timber sign in this style is most common and makes best use of all wooden materials, heights and building construction methods in Australia. The 'p' icon you see is suited for Australian Standards. 

90 mm letter details

Wood Material: Tru-Pine losp Finger Jointed Treated Radiata Pine ( smooth ) used for making outdoor wood engraved signs.

Coating: UV Primer, QS UV Creme and QS UV Forest (outdoor grade with super long life 10yr + and Blue Wool Scale Rating 5 [5 = highest available] )

V cut tool with flat bottom gives best resultsBevel: V cutter, 45 bevelled edge with flat cut bottom. Ideal for legibility and durability. Optional. V cutter with flat bottom is standard. The 'V' cut gives you advantages. Easier to maintain. Better water droplet relief, easier readership and wider viewing angle.

Weight of Stroke: The above illustration is for guide purposes only. Actual tool may vary. The suggested WOS for the 90 mm letter is approx 12 mm.

The router head (bit) follows a single path around the font shape, thus cutting the correct attitudeFont: Helvetica Medium BT Round Derivative suited for machinery. Automatic Kerning and word spacing. Letters are centred or left or right justified as per customer requirement.

Max Length: This board can be up to 3600 mm long single piece timber as common. Longer signs require butt joint or similar. Extra slat length can be ordered. POA.

Viewing Distance: 45 metres

Max Thickness: This board is available in 30mm.

Special Characters: Special Characters and text symbols may be used.

Inset Panels: Special insets such as arrows, aluminium panels, pictographs may be routed then inset into the board.

Proofing: A full scale proof is provided with order pre production.


Computerized routing can be used for substrates such as metal, aluminium, stainless and plastics. Please send in your requirements.



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