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Manufacturing large order government signage tenders.  Our sign company manufacturing timber signs can fulfil large orders and tenders directly and for sub tendering companies and sub contractors.

Queensland National Parks DERM Timber Signs Suppliers

Queensland National Parks DERM

Matching colors for older parks with existing signage.


We also supply Parks direct for replacement signage after bushfire, theft, damage and wear. Please let our staff know of any particular timber sign requirements you have pre quote. From the reaches of Townsville to the beauty of Launceston, our company provides signage for all over Australia.


Timber signs slats are spaced on the timber posts on site.


Timber size and thickness

When manufacturing or pricing a timber sign please estimate the height and length of the sign and also the thickness of the board. To help you, you can also use our special timber size calculator for indicative estimating and pricing. Special colors can be used and additional 'end' spacing can be added for post placement allowance and to give your letters ease of readership. Some public institutions may have a special style guide to follow so please let us know if you can forward any requirements you have pre purchase.

If you need a special design completed, please ask. This may be a charge for initial processing. All work we complete is manufactured in Australia for timber signs and we use environmentally friendly timber selections.

About making a timber sign.

Using a specialised router and router head capable of carving out each letter, your timber sign is first primed and coated twice with your back color, then engraved, smoothened, then, inlay filled with your letter paint color. This will give the sign the best clarity of edge and depth and also allows us to finally signwriter around the carved letter when required. Take some time to look around our pictures of timber signs for more visual info.

Manufacturing forest signs in this manner gives the longest life and easiest maintenance by forestry officials and crews. Our servers store files after order for any later retrieval and reprocessing.


Our team can also arrange and manufacture bollards for car parks, fencing, walkway safety and other uses of a bollard.

Fencing Posts

If you would like a series of timber fence posts for 'signage' purposes or general public space management, please let us know. These can be finished in natural colors and letters painted forest colors to suit the park.


Our work is seen all over Australia, Parks in Melbourne, State forests in Sydney, National Parks in Brisbane, Darwin and Adelaide, Regional Parks and State Forests in Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and lots lots more.

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Materials - Cypress makes an excellent outdoor timber sign. Natural coated timbers with letters colored in paint make an excellent timber sign for Australian conditions.

Apollo Bay timber signs

Here, the letters are creme on natural cypress dressed coated.

Timber Signs made in Cypress with letter color

Timber Signs are shipped all over Australia.

Sealed timber signs for outside

Sealed timber signs





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Multi Slat Board Outdoor Sign with logo symbols, directional and more can be made.

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Made with long lasting treated timbers and coated metal surfaces!

Meets all Australian Standards!


Deliveries to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Darwin Hobart Canberra and all regional cities and locations across AU.


    Packed and shipped ready for onsite installation.

  Signs are expertly crafted using the best materials and coatings.