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National Parks sign with picto and track walking distances.  Following a guideline manual, we can make any signage come to life. Shipping direct to park for local installation saves hundreds of dollars. Each state or territory of Australia may have a different code for making a timber sign so the sign maker can supply the correct wooden sign detail. Please let us know if you have any special supply properties such as the timber frame, slat or feature of the engraved letters. Side panel boards, v boards, t boards or other specials such as double sided signs. Other brilliant features include placing of the suggestive man and suggestive symbols.



Signage boards like the one shown here can be made ready to install. The metal aluminium plates are long life coated, the timbers are primed and coated and the letters are router engraved into the timber. This makes an ideal sign.



Individual Picto's can be added, created and with a combination. The letters are engraved. Each sign we make is designed for maximum understanding and ease of viewing. Plus each wooden slat is sealed on edges for longer life.



Following a style guide or your instructions, our crew of designers and manufacturers can expertly create the perfect sign for councils, parks, reserves, marinas, public spaces and corporate land holders such as forestry, mining and transportation. Lowest prices guaranteed.


Locations and positions. Signs made for all locations and positions throughout Australia. Please forward a draft plan or outlining schema for your wooden signs. Our crew can quickly prepare all the components you need.

Timber sign mounted on beach sand dunes track entrance

Famous scenic lookouts and interest points for travellers. Mountains, beaches, lookouts, rivers and more points of interest can all be neatly identified with signage like this here.

Famous Scenic Lookouts and stop to view points

Large slat sizes and custom timber lengths. You can also use the calculator to estimate the final size of your signage. Ideal for inputting the amount of words. It will instantly give you the measurement length, weight, height etc.

Elevation and points of interest. Here the national park sign is the feature of the elevation point.


Other options for finishing wood signs is to apply a clear varnish over the dressed timber once engraved letter is dry. The clear varnish enhances the the natural look of the wood sign and protects the wood for longer. Natural wood sign with clear varnish. Shows the knot of the wood and letters

Natural wood sign with clear varnish. Shows the knot of the wood and letters


Other options include painting the timber sign for your own colors or park colors or caravan park colors. have supplies many local parks, caravan and holiday parks, tourist information walks, resorts and holiday centres with great looking wooden sign systems for directions, information, welcome to etc. Here the special fint

Corella Valley wooden sign system for information. Caravan park sign


Painted slats and rails, posts and bollards are also available for your landscape design and feature work. Timber makes a fantastic substrate for making signs, along with unique landscaping features. Another option is cut out lettering for placement (raised letters) that sits away from the surface.

Painted slats and rails (timber)

Raised letters will sit above the sign leaving a 'rear' space. This style of lettering is ideal for landscaping and public works. The bolts (behind) can be tightened to the wall.

Metal letters for signage




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Multi Slat Board Outdoor Sign with logo symbols, directional and more can be made.

Single slat, multi slat, combo and multi substrate. Colors can be standard or schema

Custom Colors are available. Multi timber size and lengths. Supplied Nationally

Strategic Signage, public access, restricted access etc

Large Engraved Timber Signs. We can make any size possible.

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NSW Parks


Made with long lasting treated timbers and coated metal surfaces!

Meets all Australian Standards!


Deliveries to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Darwin Hobart Canberra and all regional cities and locations across AU.


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