Buy Timber Signs - how to order your engraved letter sign

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How to order


Step 1.  Please send in your draft plan with corporate schema.




Step 1.  Please tell us the maximum length of the sign

Step 2.  Please tell us the words on the sign.

Step 3.  Please tell us single, double or mutiple slat.


Once you have these details, our team will be able to quickly draft the signage elements to scale and advise.




Step 1.  Please send a CorelDraw or Illustrator file with your sign, dimensions, layout, color schema etc.

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We supply Australia Wide with 2 deliveries per day.

Once we receive the order and base details, our in house design team will quickly prepare a draft for quotation etc. Eg. Setting out words and arrows.

National Parks

Example of setting out words and arrows

You do not need to pay to order, any payment is due after we make your signage.

Councils and Governments

Routing Method:  Signs made from wood. A single cut is the prefferred routing method. the router head will cut into the full groove depth and width in a single pass. The standard router profile is a 'V'. A flat cut is also available.

Routing Method. A single cut is preferred using a flat cut or V cut.

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Govt Department

Australia Wide Service.

Multi Slat Board Outdoor Sign with logo symbols, directional and more can be made.

Single slat, multi slat, combo and multi substrate. Colors can be standard or schema

Custom Colors are available. Multi timber size and lengths. Supplied Nationally

Strategic Signage, public access, restricted access etc

Large Engraved Timber Signs. We can make any size possible.

Standard stock messages and repeat signs make buying cheaper. National Supply

Post and Rail
Multi Slat
Directional & Picto
Insert and Adjutting
Architectural & more
Substrate Choices
Corporate Colors
Custom Colors

Custom Projects

Custom Aluminium or Metal

Interchangeable Inserts. There are hundreds of manufacturing options. Call today.

NSW Parks


Made with long lasting treated timbers and coated metal surfaces!

Meets all Australian Standards!

Deliveries to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Darwin Hobart Canberra and all regional cities and locations across AU.

< 60 mm letters   Packed and shipped ready for onsite installation.

  Signs are expertly crafted using the best materials and coatings.

90 mm letters >