Primary Colors Sets for Forestry, Parks and Reserves

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Our high painting standards and painting colors


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Extra smooth and neat edges ensuring quality.

Now celebrating 20 years of making wooden signs.

Preparation, priming and painting are vital for success. Our standards are very high and each sign board made in timber is coated for durability outdoors.

All boards are 1 x 2 x 2 x coated.

1. Boards are primed and coated after cutting.

2. Letters and symbols are double coated.

3. The base double color is overlaid on top of the letters for smooth edging. All edges and rear side is also 2 x coated.

4. Colors used - QS UV Creme (Manilla B.S.C 367)

 and                QS UV Forest (Dark Green B.S.C 641 )

or                   QS UV Coastal (Mid Green 039)

In special cases, variations on these preferred colours may be used, for example, to highlight colours in specific environments, however it is imperative that new routed signs are painted to match existing signs within the park.


Coated twice each color for extra outdoor life

Melbourne Timber Signs

The wooden cut out signs finished result is very smooth surfaces and edges around the perimeter of each letter. High quality and various inspection techniques we employ throughout the sign making process ensure you get the best legibility, life and satisfaction possible.

Each outdoor timber sign like used in a Forest, Park, Highway etc is made for all weather conditions. The coating used is high quality outdoor acrylic based sheen or gloss.

Extra colors can be added for impact.

Also available are insert panel areas, this is when we include a motif or emblem, pictograph or mandatory symbol on either side of the sign.


National Park signage suppliers signs font is Helvetica Rounded BT Inner Stroke drawn by QS for lettering template with v cut and flat cut. National Parks sign standards as drawn by QS here.


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Multi Slat Board Outdoor Sign with logo symbols, directional and more can be made.

Single slat, multi slat, combo and multi substrate. Colors can be standard or schema

Custom Colors are available. Multi timber size and lengths. Supplied Nationally

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NSW Parks


Made with long lasting treated timbers and coated metal surfaces!

Meets all Australian Standards!


Deliveries to Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Perth Darwin Hobart Canberra and all regional cities and locations across AU.


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  Packed and shipped ready for onsite installation.

  Signs are expertly crafted using the best materials and coatings.

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